" Plastomech" is a trusted name in plastic machinery manufacturing industry. We are located in the vibrant industrial zone of Howrah in West Bengal which functions in a well planned manner by conforming to all industrial safety and environment norms. The company is committed to achieving the highest standards in engineering excellence by introducing and marketing superior quality products that fulfill all Indian and international manufacturing standards.

     We have a state-of-the-art production unit. Our experienced engineers and other professionals accept all type of risk and responsibility for producing the best product in the industry. We certify “OK tested” after conducting a thorough test of the products. We are very much sincere towards good quality products that are totally flawless.

     We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing cost-effective, reliable products and services in National and International market. To achieve this, we create an environment that encourages our employees and suppliers to prevent defects.

      "Plastomech" believes in establishing close and honest long-term relationships with their clients. We interact closely with our clients by sharing with them as well as providing them with support related to design generation and installation of required machinery. "Plastomech" personnel’s offer their expertise to the clients by training/ assisting the latter’s workforce.